ENSEÑANZA ESPAÑOL LENGUA EXTRANJERA Y FRANCÉS

Hi there! This is my presentation: 
  • born in the south of France 
  • scientific high school specialty 
  • 3 years in Spain (Salamanca, Pamplona, Basque Country)
  • 17 years in Paris 
  • since 2017 in the Netherlands (Haarlem) where I created Rosa Carmon Academy 
  • 3 Masters: Hispanic Studies, FLE (French as a Foreign Language), Religious Studies 
  • academic research on the Golden Age and Hispanic Judaism
  • study of a 17th century manuscript in Spanish from the Judeo-Portuguese Community of Amsterdam 
  • teacher since 1995
  • Spanish teacher since 1997 : CAPES and Agrégation 
  • experience in teaching Spanish in France since 1999 : Éducation Nationale / Distance learning 
  • experience in "European Classes", Foreign Literature in a Foreign Language, LLCE
  • French FLE teacher in Spain for 2 years (Public Education)
  • French FLE teacher in the Netherlands since 2017, focus on cultural lessons 
  • online teaching 
  • editor activities: tourism, pedagogy, academic writing
  • experience in tourism : guide (Spain, Netherlands)
  • languages : French (mother tongue), Spanish (bilingual), Italian (very good level), Portuguese (read), Occitan & Spain languages & Italy dialects (notions); English (intermediate), Dutch (beginner), Serbo-Croatian (notions), Biblical Hebrew (in progress)
  • self-taught, autonomous, ambitious 

My method: 
  • alternation between global approach and study of the particular points of a document
  • linking ideas, disciplines, languages 
  • focus on culture 
  • topics not covered in textbooks
  • learner's talents taken in consideration 
  • focus on mistakes and difficulties : how to avoid them? 
  • methodology : how to learn better? 
  • enthusiastic fan of flipped classroom, I use Zoom and Google Classroom

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